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I have been unemployed for more than 6 months now. Only a few weeks of that was ... relaxed. The truth is, the state of employment in the US, and Oregon specifically, is bad. An example of a response I received from one of the few places I was called in to interview:

Thank you for your time for the interview. You were one of the top 4 candidates out of 325
candidates for the position. However, we have selected a candidate that did have the most
skills that matched our needs.

Good luck to you on your job search.

That position was for a receptionist at a music corporation who would double in some website maintenance and customer service needs. It was ~ 40 minute commute /without/ an option for public transportation (in a very industrial part of NE Portland/Gresham) and the offering pay was $10/hr. To give you an idea, Oregon's minimum wage is currently $8.50/hr. One of the requirements of the position was a college degree.

I had applied to a veterinary rehabilitation clinic, who was offering $12/hr for an experienced CVT (which is actually the starting wage for a CVT right out of school). The hiring manager was interested in the rehabilitation experience I had at Kirkwood (our class was involved in a surgery rehabilitation for a 6-month-old Great Pyranese puppy). She was impressed because she told me most candidates have no experience with rehabilitation at *all*. Attempts to negotiate a higher (you know, fair) salary lost me any possible consideration by the hiring manager. When I called to ask on the status of my application (she said she was going to call me 2 weeks prior for a working interview), I was told, and I quote: "We haven't decided yet if we want you or not." I saw the same position posted no less than 3 times over the course of the next month. I informed them I was still interested (despite misgivings by how uncommunicative and unreliable the hiring manager was starting to seem), and was told (aka: insulted AGAIN):

While you are a very qualified vet tech, I have had and continue to receive
resumes from candidates with more extensive experience in working with animals
in need of rehabilitation. I still have your resume and will consider your
application should an opening occur that is more appropriate to your skills.
Thank you for contacting us again.

I applied, and was subsequently rejected, for so many positions that I began dreading opening any unread emails in Evolution, just *knowing* it was going to be another "You're not qualified enough to answer phones." response. And, invariably, it was.

Meanwhile, my hearing issues were causing direct difficulties in interviewing (I was having difficulties hearing some of the interviewers) and any appointments with an audiologist to discuss hearing aids were at *least* a month out, with another at *least* 2 week waiting period for hearing aids to arrive. Acupuncture and chinese herbs failed me. I tortured myself with a dairy elimination diet and showed no improvement with the tinnitus/hearing loss, though I found when I *reduced* dairy intake, I felt *better* physically. (As a side note, I've decided to reduce my dairy intake because that's apparently what my body requests.) Western medicine can't explain what's going on (other than it's an abnormal hearing loss pattern). I'm running out of options to figure out how to resolve the tinnitus and hearing loss, so now, I am trying to reconcile myself with compensating.

Then, I received a call to interview for a position with VetSource as an inside sales person. The position requires customer service skills, technical skills, and technical support skills all within a web environment (and on the phone). The position isn't to necessarily *sell* products, but to support the outside sales people when customers/clients need assistance, training, information and follow-up. Having a good background in veterinary medicine was a requirement. I adored the two people I interviewed with. While Kim was bouncy, high-energy, enthusiastic, honest and open, Essa was laid back, calm and inviting. Having experience in open source (I kid you not) *impressed* both of them to no end and is what made my resume stand out (aside from being a CVT). It felt like they were going to offer me the job before I left the building.

The next morning, I received a call from Kim asking for references. I provided them, but she had difficulty reaching 2 of them, so everything was put on hold until earlier this week. She provisionally offered me the position *very near* my asking wage (which was near the wage I was making at my last general hospital, which is MUCH higher than $12/hr) pending background check and drug screen. That makes sense. It's more or less a pharmaceutical company. If they *didn't* do background check and drug screen, I likely would've recommended it for any other incoming personnel. I also came to find out that the first reference she got ahold of didn't give me the glowing review the contact suggested to me that she gave me. So, lesson learned in that is to ensure you know *exactly* what your references are saying about you before having a potential employer call them.

As of yesterday, I have hearing aids. They're... weird. And with my itchy/irritable ears, sometimes weird isn't good. The nice thing is, I can hear pretty much everything. The bad thing is, everything is amplified sound. Most voices sound like they're being piped through a microphone/speaker (or, as I explained yesterday, like they are being heard through a stethoscope). Noises that didn't seem that bad before are now overwhelming (the garbage disposal, the toilet flushing, Steve yelling at other drivers). I was told that as a new user with an abnormal hearing loss pattern and a musician to boot, it's going to be very difficult to adjust the programming to fit my needs and make me feel... comfortable. I found that listening to conversations in a pub is *still* difficult, and I couldn't determine if I could hear people better or not with them in last night while at pub quiz.

So, apparently, I'm going into March and the promises of spring with changes of my own.

  1. Amplified hearing adjustment.

  2. New job, in the veterinary community, but not in a hospital, and still using my license.

  3. Slight diet changes that make my body feel better, including more vegetables in my diet, less dairy in my diet and reduced sweets intake (this one is hard).

And I need to make decisions on trips to Europe. I think a friend's wedding in Cambridge is the highest priority, and from there, we'll see if I can swing any others.
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I've been stressed lately. At work, there are concerns and worries, and I'm not getting along as splendidly with one of the doctors as I wish I could. I come home, and my husband and I haven't been getting along as well either. I try to hide, tending to either have my clarinet at ready, or play on an online game that keeps me sufficiently distracted enough to not really care that my husband and I aren't getting along. Except, it doesn't work. If you hide from the problems, they still exist when you come out of hiding, sometimes much larger and much worse off than when you hid from them originally. I know this - I've known this for years. It, however, doesn't stop me from sticking my head in the sand.

So, I requested a mental health day from work and went for a walk.

I thought about where I would go on my walk for awhile, then decided I'd drive over to Tualatin Hills Nature Park, because it's one of my favorites, and it's fairly flat, which means less huffing and puffing and more thinking.

And then I spent the first 10 minutes of my walk silently arguing with myself. I had no idea what I was supposed to do, or why I was taking off of work to go on a walk. I was trying to figure out how in the world I was going to find any answers to anything just walking and not talking. And who I was asking the questions to? The trees were certainly not going to answer. Nor were the birds singing at me. I wasn't going to have any clearer answers walking than standing at work, holding a dog, drawing blood, setting a catheter, etc. But, I kept walking anyway.

That's about when I came to my first fork in the path. And I looked at my options. I had no idea where I wanted to go. No idea what I wanted to see. Where I needed to be. I didn't know which way to go. So, I chose the path that I don't often take when I'm there just because, well, I thought maybe the change of scenery would help. Shortly afterwards, I came to another fork. I paused a little briefer this time. I tried to figure out which way I wanted to go. Which way I *should* go, then decided it didn't matter. The idea was to walk, not to choose paths. So, I just turned and kept going. I came along another fork in the path and simply went a direction. I chose by virtue that I kept moving, but I didn't justify my choice to anyone - especially myself.

As I walked, I started questioning myself. And debating with myself. And arguing with myself. I feel stressed constantly. I'm finally back in music, and I think that's the one thing keeping me sane and grounded. Well, at least as sane and grounded as I have been. But, I never seem to be content or happy. I'm lazy. I'm reinvolved in ATS and seem to hide behind that shield as much as I can. It doesn't make me *happy*, but it certainly uses time and keeps me occupied. I continued walking. I started asking myself what the questions were at heart. And trying to find meaning. Searching for meaning, and not finding ANYTHING, but trying.

I came along a path that would take me to a pond. So, I took it. And I sat down and watched the pond for awhile. At this point, I'd been walking and taking random forks for the last 20 minutes or so. So, I started watching the water (I love water) and listening to the birds. After a few minutes, I decided I should move on, and started getting antsy over it. But, I was comfortable. And it was a beautiful day, and the pond was gorgeous - everything was green, the sun was out. Why should I move on? Because, came the voice in my head, you're sitting idle. You should keep moving. At that point, I told myself that I was there FOR ME. Not for other people, and I didn't have to worry about anyone declaring me idle or lazy.

So, I sat there for as long as I wanted. And, I saw movement on the other side of the pond. I stood up to look closer, and it was a blue heron. He paused and watched me. I stood still and watched him. Eventually, he waded out into the pond and started fishing. I could *feel* when he was about to jab at a fish after a couple of times. I could anticipate when he was about to lower his head. He was so beautiful. I simply watched him. I tried to take a picture with my camera phone, but it's not an iPhone so it sucked. That's ok, though. At the moment, it was the most beautiful thing ever. I turned and left the heron to his fishing.

Back up the path I wandered, pleased to have seen the heron. I came across a bridge. I love water, as I mentioned, so I paused on the bridge to watch the stream. A jogger passed by. I ensured I wasn't in his way and he paused after he passed me on the bridge. He pointed behind me, further downstream, and told me of the nutria that lives in the general area. He said that he likes to come out and forage for food occassionally. And then the jogger smiled kindly and wished me a good day. I wished him one as well, thanked him and started watching for the critter. He didn't come out, but that was fine. I decided to move on when I wanted to.

I continued across the bridge and down the path, following the stream. I was thinking about the nutria, and how I wasn't terribly disappointed that I didn't get to see him; afterall, I got to watch the heron, and that was cool. The path led me to a dead-end. I looked around for a little while, then turned around and walked back the way I came. I didn't feel frustrated. I didn't feel like I'd wasted time, even though I ended up nowhere. I didn't feel pressured to find a destination. I simply continued on, even though I had to backtrack. I also noticed that seeing the trees and stream from a different angle completely changed the perspective and the .. tone .. of the walk. It looked .. different. Still nice, just different. I got back to the bridge, wished Mr. Nutria farewell, and continued up the path. At this point, I decided maybe it was time to get back to my car.

So, I continued on, pausing to look at the path directional signs and following the signs back to the parking lot. The day was beautiful - very seriously beautiful. Not too warm, not too cool, light clouds dotting the sky. Gorgeous. I started thinking. You know, I've had low self-esteem most of my life (read: all), and I used to think that I was so lucky that Steve chose ME. Of everyone he could have chosen, why ME? Why not someone better? Prettier? Thinner? Smarter? More confident? More active? More influential? More ANYTHING ELSE? But despite this, I realized that I chose him, too. I had boyfriends in college. And I left most of them - a couple left me, but you know. That happens. For the most part, I left them, for one reason or another, some good reasons, some bad reasons, but regardless. I chose HIM every bit as he chose ME. It was then about love. And I do still love him, despite how much of an ass he can be. I don't want to leave him, and though we may be approaching an impass where something will have to give for us to be happy together, we're not there yet.

I continued walking. While walking, I looked around. I decided that even though I wasn't seeing everything on my walk, I wasn't missing a thing. Everything I saw was beautiful. Each trillium was different, unique, beautiful. And even if I didn't see them ALL, the ones I did see made me smile. I continued walking on. I discovered that even if I didn't have a destination chosen, I was still content with the path I was taking. It's cliche - that you should be happy with the journey. But, that's honestly how I felt. I walked, and I arrived. I could choose my path, or I could simply allow myself to be taken along the paths. Either way, I still arrived. I let myself get lost, and I allowed myself to find the path leading back to my car - back to the real world. Origin didn't matter that day. Destination didn't matter. Only the journey. Only refocusing and recentering. Finding balance within myself again.

One of the latest fights I've had with Steve is that I don't have goals for myself. I don't have ambitions. Let me explain something. When I set a goal - I go above and beyond to meet it. I become very focused. Very tunnel-visioned. I will see that goal, or I will die trying. I can't possibly focus on other things - I become almost OBSESSED with realizing the goal. Goals and ambitions are VERY stressful for me. If I want something, I want it NOW. I don't want to wait - I don't have the patience to wait. I never have. That's when I realized I'm an EXTREMELY lucky person. I don't mean as in 'fortunate at this point in life', I mean, I have some sort of luck charm on me that works in OVERTIME. Things fall in my lap. I tend to be in the right place at the right time. I look at people and simply know to remember them, that I'm going to need something from them later, or to remember minor details that seem insignificant at the time, but months later are incredibly important. When something bad is about to happen to me, something completely unexpected intervenes. I'll be doing something I shouldn't be (like maybe driving a little faster than is expected) and decide that I should slow down (very randomly) and end up finding a speed trap a mile down the road. The strangest strokes of luck - once or twice, can be coincidence, but I seem to LIVE in it. And I don't even appreciate it. There are people who are SO good to me, and I often times forget about them. I don't appreciate everything I have, and instead focus on what I want; where I want to be; what I want to do - even without setting goals, I know I do this.

And that's when I let go, as I turned the corner to take me back to the parking lot. It wasn't in view yet, but it would be soon. I let go. For a few moments, then, I was happy with who I was, grateful for those around me, knowing that I'm lucky beyond belief, in love even if not completely content, but most of all, pleased with my journey. The destination will be there whether I set it for myself or not. The origin has already been there, whether I'm happy about it or not. My journey is the only appreciable thing I have that I can affect, that I can tangibly enjoy, that I can for sure appreciate.

And my journey, though it made my legs hurt, brought me back into a peaceful harmony. Which is much more than I could have ever asked for.
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Per recommendations of my acupuncturist (and a friend!), I.. have been making some dietary.. modifications. Added fish oils to my diet (ok, capsules with lemon juice in them, too. Hey - the burps are at least not fishy-tasting!) and milk thistle.

I've managed to reduce the sugars I take in by more than half. I don't know exactly how I managed that, but I've been keeping it up for about 2 weeks now. The important thing I need to remember is that it's ok to slip once in awhile and have something, but I need to hold myself accountable for it, and make it a "once in awhile" thing, not an everyday thing.

The first week was.. rough. I was a little snippy and bitchy. This last week was a bit easier, and I was experimenting with baking a bit to help transition from eating too many processed sugars to having fruits and *healthy* sugars. (I like this idea better than simply cutting sugars altogether. I have way too much of a sweet tooth for that!) I made a delicious blueberry crisp and some nice blueberry ... cookie/scones. The crisp was amazing, and I managed to cut the sugars from 1 cup to 1/4 cup (plus a 1/4 cup of honey). Next time I make it, I might even drop the sugar down another 1/2 (1/8 cup sugar). I still have plenty of blueberries - I just need to make sure at least one of the quart-sized bags remains in the freezer for winter. I go nuts in the winter without berries. I'm glad I bought that 5 pound box - it'll keep me nice and happy for awhile. (And I learned that frozen blueberries taste like CANDY.)

This coming week I'm to try to reduce dairy a bit. This.. scares the crap out of me. I've already reduced how much cheese I eat on a daily basis. And now more? Well, I'll at least TRY. Again, it's ok to break or splurge once in awhile - I just need to make it a habit that it's a once in awhile thing as opposed to a "eh. I failed yesterday, what's the point?".

So far so good. I'm down about 10 pounds since just cutting the sugars, going into my third week of that. I'm feeling better and a bit more energetic - still not ready to run a marathon, but, maybe good enough to take a long walk tomorrow over lunch? We'll see. =)

I'm once again making the goal to cook at home at least 3 times a week. Once I can do this regularly, then I'll try to increase the goal again. For now, I think this is at least a worthy goal. I just need to get back into the habit of planning meals, having things on hand, and having a couple of things ready for "back-ups" that can be quickly thrown together for a quick, filling, healthy meal (like lemon pepper chicken).


1) Less sugars - going well! Keep going!
2) Keep up on herbs and supplements (fish oils particularly)
3) Less dairy - going to be rough, but I'll manage!
4) Home cooking at least 3 times a week.

I'm not so much concerned about the weight loss (though it's a nice side-effect) as I am about generally feeling better. The depression has been.. extremely limiting lately. It'll be nice to break that, and anything that might do that at this point I'm willing to try. I'd also like to feel better in general. I'm tired of being tired all the time. I'm tired of aching everywhere. I'm tired of *wanting* to do things, but feeling overwhelmed by the ideas of doing them. I live in a beautiful part of the country! I just moved to a beautiful area of Portland! Why am I not enjoying it?!
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So, last weekend I went to Boston/Cambridge/Plymouth, and returned on Monday. I'll go over my trip some other time and maybe upload pictures, too. But, summary: Boston is pretty. The East Coast looks WAY DIFFERENT than the Pacific Northwest. And Boston has the fattest and tamest squirrels I've ever seen in my life. Since then it seems all shit hit the fan. I went to get dinner Monday night, got to the car to find out the keyless entry wasn't working. Fortunately I could still unlock the car! Unfortunately, the car wouldn't start. It would seem the dome light switch was partially on, though the dome light wasn't lit, and I didn't catch it before I left on Friday morning, and thus, the car thought the dome light was on until Monday evening when I went to drive the car. 2 hours later, the battery was recharged and I finally got some food. Unfortunately, I found that after having traveled 13+ hours that day, then waited a couple of hours for food, and having been up at 3:30am EST and it was at that point 7pm PST, I was way too tired to eat. SO, I went to bed instead.

Tuesday was busy at work. Which is nice. Tried to talk to Steve on the phone that evening, only to find that his roommate was hanging on every word he was saying to me in the room, and when he left the room, he had to greet several people in the hallways while talking to me. I gave up having a conversation with him and just got depressedly quiet.

Wednesday was Emo Day from Hell. I didn't want to see people. I didn't want to talk to people. I didn't want to be around people. So, I decided I would make popcorn, play video games and read all day. When I went to make the popcorn, I ended up burning the last bag in the house. So, I had to trek out to get more. It wasn't *that* bad, all things considered, though it was annoying to be greeted by chipper people. Got some clarinet practice in.

Thursday was work and HELL. We had way too much going on for the staff we had, but we managed. Everything worked out. Got home and practically passed out.

Friday was work and CONFUSING Doctor on duty was sick. Another doctor covered. It was ... almost chaotic, but we prevailed and managed to get a few things accomplished as well. Steve sent me flowers with a ... rather dorky card,and very much sweet. My coworkers think he's a sweetheart (he has them snowed), and one stormed off declaring her boyfriend is a butthead. I just laughed. Quintet rehearsal was good, though. We're sounding /really/ good. I have a few... concerns, but I'd rather just let them ruminate in my head rather than worry about everything getting back to whoever and having Drama over what should be a very relaxing and fun activity.

Saturday was work and HELL. Again, way too many appointments for the staff we had, but ... we barely managed. I'm exhausted. But, at least Steve came home last night, which made matters a bit better. I had hoped to get the place cleaned and such before he got home, but all I had time for was a lightening run. We grabbed a quick meal out (Ruby Tuesdays) because I simply didn't have the energy to cook - especially since all I'd had to eat all day long was 2.5 donuts. He does genuinely seem happy to be home. We haven't bickered at all, and he seems a lot happier. Well, kinda grumpy today, but that's his own fault. He played video games instead of getting lunch, then was dragged out for a walk. His fault, I say. And I said. And he agreed, while grumbling. ;)

Today has just been relaxation, which has been beyond nice. Steve and I went for a walk (we'll just ignore the waking up at 4:30 this morning remembering something I forgot at work, and rushing in at 8am to fix it because I couldn't get my mind off it) in the afternoon and played video games practically all day. I made a very yummy dinner, and all seems to be getting back to normal.

Tomorrow is work. My foot hurts so... so very badly. I may just stay for surgery and beg forgiveness and go home after surgery. The pain is almost unbearable and after 3 days in a row of being on my feet without breaks, I really would like a day with my feet up and maybe iced. My acupuncturist thinks it might be plantar fasciitis, and I have an appointment with a doctor on Tuesday afternoon to get it checked out. We'll see. But, I'm barely weight bearing right now, so I think something needs to be done before something bad happens. But, we'll see. I'll talk to the hospital manager tomorrow. I doubt it'll be an issue, and I'm positive someone will help cover for me if need be.

I'm glad things are finally getting back to normal. Steve's home. We're making plans for our trip to Iowa for Christmas, and I think things are settling down.

I have goals!

This week, my goal is to only eat out twice. I'll get this eating out problem nipped in the bud, I swear it! I made a lovely dinner tonight with a low-fat, light parmesean chicken breast (parmesean cheese, bread crumbs, oregano, lemon juice and garlic), green beans and a RiceARoni box (yes, I know, but it's better than eating out, and it's easy. Right now, easy wins over eating out). We've both been packing on a few pounds from eating out so much and not getting much exercise. Unfortunately, going on walks means right now we're limited to the neighborhood because parks close before I get off work (and before his workday is finished). So, weekends we'll get some nice long walks in. I have Taekwondo on Wednesdays, and we'll just have to figure something else out for the rest of the week. Small goals, though. Babysteps. We'll make it. I know we will.

I haven't disappeared. I've just been crazy busy and tired (and a bit emo). Sleep is calling me, I fear. And I think I should answer.
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My tinnitus is... maddeningly loud tonight.

Oh my dear lod.
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Working interview went well, though I got a call yesterday that they're concerned about my "lack of surgery experience". They're going to check my references today and get back to me later. I'm not expecting anything, so I've been scouting around online for other places. There are a few in the southern burb area. I'm going to scatter my resume around in the area tomorrow (or today to the emails once I write a new cover letter) and hopefully get a few bites.

Steve's in Moline/Iowa at the moment. Just safely landed a few minutes ago, in fact. He was flown out there to finish one of his contracting jobs onsite and will be gone a week. I hate being alone and fear that I'm going to go a week without human contact aside from the doctor's appointment I have tomorrow (EENT - find out /why/ I have hearing loss going on in my ears), taking the Civic to the Car Doctor's, possible interviews and going to the store. He gets back next Thursday evening, but I really hate being alone; I'll be fine for a couple of days, but I'm sure I'll be stir crazy soon enough.

So, I went to the Audiologist yesterday. She confirmed that I have hearing loss in both ears, R>L. I can understand/hear words in my left ear perfectly well at most normal decibel levels, and acceptably in my right ear, though the decibel level has to be louder. Tones fed into both ears separately revealed an interesting pattern. In lower to middle frequency ranges, the decibel level had to be much louder; in higher frequencies, decibel level was "Within Normal Limits" (WNL). Hearing loss due to exposure to loud noises results in hearing reduction in higher frequencies /and/ tinnitus (which I've had for years). My wave pattern on the decibel vs frequency graph was the *exact* opposite. And, without genetic factors (nobody else in my extended family is exhibiting hearing loss aside from old age), the audiologist is at a loss to explain why I'm hearing as I am, including the tinnitus. Additionally, and interestingly enough, the ear drum and canals look perfectly normal; no sign of rupture, movement is perfectly normal and no inflammation. However, the nerve along my temporal (?) bone doesn't seem to be responding normally to tones, considering the graph (on the same grid as above) was *exactly* the same. And I mean identical. The audiologist indicated that is unusual in that it pretty much proves the issue is not with the ear drum itself, which is the normal progression of hearing loss. She said hearing aids /could/ help with my hearing, but they won't stop the continued decline of hearing nor will they explain *why* I'm losing my hearing (not exposure, and likely not genetic - what does that leave us with?) /and/ they could make my tinnitus worse when they're taken out at night. She suggested I see an EENT specialist and assured me I *did* take the right steps, even if most people would go around it the other way.

So. Yeah. Also need to get a quote for countertops from Home Depot/Lowe's and call the cabinet people back to give them the go-ahead to get started on our new cabinets. $5000 for new cabinets. Sigh. But, it'll be worth it. some paint and a new floor will make that kitchen shine; and hopefully will help sell the condo soon. (Yes, [livejournal.com profile] solcita, I have house-fever, too.)

It sucks being unemployed, but I realized something. Steve has steady contracting jobs at least through November if not for the rest of the year. We'll be fine if I need to take my time finding something, but I just feel so worthless at the moment. I have, however, accepted that what's happened isn't my fault.

And also, a few knitting projects, a couple of which I need to try to figure out how to do (I don't understand the pattern at -all-), so with a week of nothing, I suppose I can get some Christmas presents done and might actually get them to people before Christmas this year. That would be novel. I also want to buy some high quality yarn for a project I want to do for myself - a hooded wrap. I bought a knitting book called Big Girl Knits which has some *amazing* projects in it. I expect to go through a lot of yarn in the next couple of years.

I think I'll throw on some jeans (instead of these sweats) and head over to the store to get a few things.
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I had my annual today. Without going into icky details, I will say that I do like the doctor who has been suggested for me by my former chemistry lab partner. Dr. Wentross is a gem, and I feel totally comfortable talking to her. Per her suggestions, I'm going to stick to one (or less!) sodas a day, and on the days where I don't have soda, I'll reward myself with a glass of wine (my suggestion!). I'm also going to try to get more fruits and vegetables into my diet. /And/ now I have a doctor to call (an association of doctors, rather) in the event that I get into a serious funk. (Women's Healthcare Associates has a network of couselors and psychologists for mental health, too.)

She was really great for my exam. Even though I had to deal with bullshit to setup the appointment, I thinkk I've found my "woman doctor". =)
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