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2010-12-13 09:38 am
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An awesome friend of mine recently co-authored and proposed an anti-harassment policy for use at open source conferences (or any technical-related conference, really). I thought this was a great idea, and to my delight, I'm starting to see Debian (and the DebConf team) run with it, and not just for conferences. (I can't take credit for any of it, regretfully, as they picked it up on their own, but I'm still very pleased to see it.)

I'm starting to realize that whether or not my situation is unique, I have been brought up with a very spoiled and privileged attitude. My family is *largely* matriarchal, with a few "gender-related duties" tossed in for good measure. However, my sister was interested in cars, and thus, grandpa taught her how to get under the hood of her own and tinker. I was interested in power tools and things that go WHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIRRRRRRR when you turn them on, so grandpa taught me safety and how to use his tools for various things. In middle school, I received a better grade in shop than I did in home economics. When I was in high school, I was overly-interested in my aunt's computer, so for graduation, she spear-headed an effort to get me my own. My aunt goes hunting, and there are pictures of her bringing home deer when the guys she was out with came home empty-handed. I really was raised with an "Anything you can do, I can do better," attitude, and rose to the challenge when guys in school would declare I couldn't do something "because I was a girl", including AND ESPECIALLY taking advanced-placement physics.

A few years ago, I declared the living room needed rearranged, and our TV is a 2-person beast. Steve refused to help me. Instead of discouraging me, I simply went out, rearranged all the furniture /BY MYSELF/, then stared at the TV while I engineered a way to move it from one end of the room to the other /BY MYSELF/. I moved the love-seat to the entertainment center, carefully lowered the TV to the cushions, laid a blanket in front of the love-seat, carefully lowered the TV to the blanket, moved the love-seat back where it belonged and used the blanket as a make-shift litter to drag the TV across the room. I moved the entertainment center, then paused to reassess the situation. I was in the process (I kid you not) of devising a pulley system I could use to get the TV up onto the entertainment center when Steve came out to investigate the noise. He gave in and helped me lift the TV up when I told him I needed to run to Lowes for wheels, rope and some hooks.

That said, I joke today about things I don't like doing being "men's work" and pushing it off on Steve, but I rearranged the entertainment center last night and hooked up our last speaker to the surround sound system, with my own tool set (the one Steve has to ask to use for any given project). I still play video games, and am learning to program. I watch Star Trek, Doctor Who, Star Wars and anime, attend Pub Quiz regularly and don't balk at leadership when it's needed. I knit, clean, cook, bake and also love football and hockey. I tend my hair carefully, and sometimes put on makeup and skirts, but only minorly grumble when I need to get on the snowy and muddy ground to put chains on the tires of our car. I'll dote on a cat in my arms, then get down on the floor and wrestle with a dog.

I'm a girl, I'm a nerd, and anything you can do, I can do better. If I were to be harassed at a conference, I would either shrug it off, return it in kind, or deck the harasser. The harassment wouldn't faze me one way or the other, though I might vent a bit later.

But, I'm learning that not everyone has had the benefit of this teaching, which is why this *needs* to exist. It *does* exist because harassment has been a serious problem at conferences, allegedly or openly. (Thankfully I haven't seen any at the ones to which I've been.) It's depressing that this has to exist; it's frustrating that we can't just declare, "Be righteous to one another" and expect it to hold.

I'm proud of Valerie and her collaborators, and hope that I can do something to help.
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2010-11-09 02:51 pm
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Geek Girls and Sexual Assault

I was reading over Valerie Aurora's blog and read about Noirin Shirley being sexually assaulted by Florian Leibert while out for drinks and attending ApacheCon. My gut reaction was, "I can't believe this! But, before I say anything, I really should read on and find out what happened before really committing to a reaction on this." Which was the ABSOLUTE WORST THING I could possibly have ever found myself thinking. I'm so very ashamed of that. Naturally, before saying/spreading/discussing, I *should* be in the know, but damnit. A woman was *SEXUALLY GROPED AFTER SHE SAID NO* - this is NOT OK. Ever. I don't care if it was in a bar, in a strip club, or in the backseat of a Volkswagon Beetle. When a woman says NO, IT IS NOT OK TO PUSH INTENTIONS ON HER. EVER.

I think what's equally as disgusting as what Noirin has already gone through is the overwhelming online reaction to her situation. She asked for it? What? It seems to me she specifically said "I'm not interested.". She's just crying for attention? As well she damned well should be! For crying out loud! A guy GROPED HER AFTER SHE SAID NO. She's ruining his online reputation? Awesome. More power to her. I hope I can help. It amazes me that in this day and age people will still try to blame a victim for something like this. Is Florian's reputation *honestly* more important than Noirin's *personal* rights? Some have been crying that he just made a mistake. Yes, he did. A big one. And in the process of making that mistake, he clearly displayed his personal opinions of women in general.

What this resolves in me is a more intense desire to be involved in the annual Debian Conference more intimately. Why? Because if someone decides they'd like a go where I have a stronger influence on the organization, their online reputation would be the last thing they should worry about by the time I'm finished.

I'm far too angry over this to be able to make a coherent post. Perhaps after I cool down, I'll be able to write something a bit more eloquent. Right now, the only thing that keeps going through my mind is FUCK FLORIAN LEIBERT.
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2010-06-09 11:24 pm
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The awful part of being exposed to as much geekery, science and computer stuff as I have been over the last few years is when I step back and take stock of what my skills and knowledge are now (at a time when I'm wanting to change direction with my life), I have no idea what I can offer a company. I know it's Damned Good, and I know I'd be an asset where ever I end up, but damnit. I don't know what I can do.
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2010-05-26 12:37 pm
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For my Geek Friends Out There....

Any Googlish friends of mine that are watching know much about AdSense? Anyone I can ask a potential Abuse question of, and see if it is, legitimately abuse? I've been following an awesome blog lately, http://hyperboleandahalf.blogspot.com/, and she was using AdSense until some very recent problems she's been having issues with. One person suggested a potential for a malicious abuse due to some gaping TOS holes, and I'm wondering if they really exist.

It really would be a shame if the theories and suggestions about AdSense are going to tarnish Google's reputation. I kinda like Google in general and would hate to see a service of theirs run awry.
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2010-03-21 11:21 am
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On-line Photo Organization

I've been using Gallery for years (because I'm too lazy to learn anything else) and I'm tired of some of the crap I have to deal with (namely, spammers). Anyone know of a better photo sharing organizer that I can learn fairly easily? I want to be able to do this myself, not rely on Steve or other geek friends to set it up for me.
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2009-05-10 01:37 am
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Day 1 Ammended

According to Steve, dreamwidth is open sourcey and acceptable in his eyes because Russ is involved.

And he was mildly surprised that I managed to find my way here without going through Debian or Ubuntu circles.

Yay 6 degrees connections!

Hmm. I wonder if Kevin Bacon will open an account here.
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2008-09-22 09:11 am
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The Fate of the Linux Ecosystem

I am deeply dismayed at the rumours I heard from the Linux Plumbers Conference. I heard that Matthew Garrett MANHANDLED Linus Torvalds and KICKED HIM OUT OF A SESSION!

Poor Linus. =(
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2008-08-14 10:33 pm
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DebConf in My Backyard

New York city was proposed as a possible host city for DebConf in 2010. Naturally, this call had to be answered. So, Steve did. http://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf10/Portland

Apparently, this proposal isn't getting much serious consideration, considering Other Answers.

But, it's a serious proposal. Steve and I are looking through logistics and building our local team. Surprisingly, it's... building quite well. And the ideas are forming even better. Steve has grand ideas for the technical conference portion of the event, while I have very strong views about the social and essential face-to-face fun aspects. The idea is... a bit overwhelming, but, I keep remembering: This is Portland. There's nothing to dislike about this city. There's nothing to hate here. It's laid back. It's beautiful. And it's a place to be immensely proud of.

I'm excited about the prospect of bringing Yet More People here. I'm excited about the promise of sharing *why I'm here* with everyone. I'm excited to bring DebConf to the area where OSCON is so successful. I want to show why it's so successful. I want to prove that the US isn't as scary as everyone makes it out to be. I want to change the orga team's attitude of resisting ideas with cynical outlooks to one of finding solutions to the problems, instead of trying to avoid them entirely.

DebConf should be about technical issues being resolved by face-to-face communication and getting to know other developers, spending time, sharing beer (or wine, or juice), laughing and generally seeing the person behind the text.

It's a delicate balance, and I know Portland is the perfect place to find that balance.

See you in Portland in 2010!
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2008-07-20 07:35 pm
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2008-07-18 11:50 pm
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Time Sensitive Update

Only time sensitive in that you have less than 24 hours now to enjoy the crack of Joss Whedon that is Dr. Horrible. http://www.drhorrible.com/ Well, not really, it'll eventually be available for purchase, and I hope people *will* purchase it - it's awesome (thank you, [livejournal.com profile] ngeran for pointing it out!) and it's fun and if you miss it, you should kick yourself for doing so.
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2008-04-12 08:28 pm
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Debian Geekery

It's always nice to be able to congratulate someone for an accomplishment they were truly looking forward to - something they were working hard for - and something they really wanted. I'm so happy for my dear friend, Steve McIntyre, for his election to Debian Project Leader today. The Debian community is lucky to have a developer like him, let alone someone like Steve who wishes to take on the duties and stresses that come with this office.

Steve, just remember, DPL or not, you're always welcome back in my home! I won't reject you just because of your position now! (Though I might demand a drink.)
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2007-07-26 08:58 pm

On OSCon and Chocolate

This last week I've been somewhat helping my beloved husband with the inherited Debian booth at OSCon in between work days and hours. Despite lacking in sleep at the moment - I've been a little deprived since Sunday, I've had the pleasure of meeting new people in the open source community as well as greeting acquaintances and new friends. It actually... amazes me... how many people I know in this community /around here/, or at least who travel to the area for such things and I 1) remember and 2) am happy to see. (Tom, you'll always be a pleasure to drink with! Jeff, I miss you again already! And Bruno, I'll remember you by your smile and name, I promise - not by the flag you wear around your shoulders - but thank you for doing that, had you not, I would likely not have approached you to ask why you were wearing a Brazilian flag!) Meeting and drinking with Brad Fitzpatrick was interesting. He's a pretty laid back and nice guy. I swore he was taller, though that may have been in part due to the wine consumption - perhaps my impression is a bit foggy. ;) I believe Steve set out with BDale's plan to make the Debian booth about *community* and *people*, and... I think it was very largely successful. While we didn't necessarily have a lot of people at the booth at once yesterday, I hear that today, there were a lot of people there just talking and generally enjoying each other's company (largely in part to, I'm sure, Keith Packard emerging from work duty rounds!) The Sun party last night was a lot of fun, guys. I really enjoyed myself, and don't think I've laughed that much in a long, long time. (And, Mark, I'm still not convinced I have the biggest smile in Debian - perhaps we should have some sort of contest to see who does?)

But, my life hasn't just been about beer and brownies. I've also had work responsibilities - which, nicely, are very few outside of work. I did use some of my time off yesterday (I claimed the hours) to work on the schedule for the tech (nursing) staff. I, personally, think I did a good job with this one, and managed to make everyone happy (I think). But, I was getting ready to return to work after my lunch hour (I just spent in the breakroom with a book as I normally do), when I was hunted down by the hospital manager (think: Elmer Fudd and Bugs Bunny) and presented with a nice card and a box of chocolates to *thank me* and show appreciation for my hard work, dedication and ability to calmly handle everything that's been happening lately. It was.. unexpected. Had I not been sleep deprived and unable to think clearly, I would have likely offered up the chocolates to the rest of the nurses and insisted we all had a hand in keeping order and thanked her, but... well, I thanked her, floored and taken quite aback, and put the chocolates in my bag for personal consumption later.

It was ... /so/ ... the right choice. I haven't had chocolates this good in a long, long, LONG time. And while I've been raised to share with everyone around and to be generous, there's only so much kindness one can show when faced with something this delicious. Sorry, Kathy. I know you'd be disappointed to know I'm being greedy with my chocolate, but /damn/. Bernard Callebaut is... simply amazing. I've never had anything that's melted in my mouth quite like this before, and I fear Steve's now going to be stuck when he needs to purchase chocolates for one reason or another. If you happen to be near one of their locations, check them out - you won't be sorry!

But, general social life plus some amazing chocolates. Now if I could just get some sleep, I'd be one happy girl.

Switched back to Debian. Multiple Desktops, transparent tool bars and Turny Bally Game make life grand. Skadi seems to be much happier now, too. She doesn't seem to freak out as much.
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2007-07-22 01:07 am
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I'll be spoiler free, but, good lord, y'all! How the hell did you manage to finish that book in 3-6 hours?!!?! I'm thinking my time was about 15 hours, I think between last night and today. I guess I read slowly. =( (Well, I do. I tend to read at about the speed I speak, and really imagine everything going on when I'm reading - but still!) THREE HOURS?!!?!!?!?! Do you guys even retain plot, let alone details, that way? 3 hours = 180 minutes. For a book 759 pages long, leaving a little over 4 pages a minute - about 14 seconds per page. My brain hurts just thinking about trying to speed read that many pages like that (but then again, I'm easly distracted).

But, regardless. Enjoyable read. And it's nice now to have the entire set so I can start over and read from start to finish leisurely now. (Assuming, of course, I don't run into the issue of Steve reading the one I would like to read at that time... I've finally refused to give any further plot details. If he wants them that badly, he can bloody well read the books, too. :P )

And I must admit, I'm now thoroughly amused with the spoilers I found on the internet earlier this week - and all the cries about them. Amusement.
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2007-04-24 10:01 pm
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For my East Coast Friends

Y'all have to see today's XKCD. Hah.
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2007-04-09 09:10 pm
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Etch Released

Huh. Interesting things happen when Etch releases.

...The bed gets made. I asked why. Steve paused and responded, "I don't know... I think because Etch released."
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2006-11-26 07:44 pm
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Oh. The Drama.
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2006-11-05 05:49 pm
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I say Dunc-Tank, You say Dunc-Banc, let's call the whole thing off...

I just had the most brilliant idea to help the most vocal opponents of Debian's non-Debian experiment in Debian, aka, Dunc-Tank, really make a dent in their aims.

See, finding bugs, as wonderful as a plot device as it is, isn't going to *hinder* the release. Oh, sure, it might delay it, but you're actually helping to release a quality operating system, and what will that prove? I mean, sure, you state your aims are to hinder the experiment for political reasons, but seriously! It only delays the release! It doesn't stop it!

You guys aren't thinking *globally*, man! You need to hit the release managers where they live! And I don't mean figuratively! See, *I* propose that we set up an experimental fund to pay *me* to distract Steve from actually working on the release. In this way, we do more than just delay the release, we actually de-bunc Dunc-Tank! (Plus, I get dinner, long, romantic walks, extra cuddling, etc.) It's a win-win-lose situation! It's beautiful!

For those interested, I have a Pay-Pal account and am willing to negotiate contracts!
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2006-10-23 01:56 pm
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Because [livejournal.com profile] solcita said I could.

Prius is working out well. I need to take pictures and post to show how really pretty she is. Her name is Celeste because she's jet black and gorgeous. I want to buy her a garage to live in. She and I bonded at the dealership and Steve thinks I'm weird, but. The car we bought was actually the car that caught my eye (and I didn't even go to the lot and scream "THAT ONE!" when we bought it).

We put a few more miles on her last night, just to see how she drives and how well we can handle all the nifty buttons and such. And I daresay she drives spectacularly.

I'm going to have to get an air freshner, though, because the "new car scent" bothers me. :P
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2006-10-22 05:10 am
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So. Um. We kinda accidently bought a Toyota Prius today. We went for information on trade-in, financing, test driving, and... came home with a black Prius and no Civic. It was about a 5-hour endeavour that resulted in a black 2007 Toyota Prius with 14 miles on it. This is so something Steve and I don't do. We /do not/ impulse buy like this. So weird.


In related news, oooo! Shiny buttons!
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2006-10-14 10:03 pm

Date Night and Other Ramblings

Yesterday was my Steve day. It turned out to be quite nice. I made us breakfast (scrambled eggs and toast - nothing spectacular) and just relaxed all day. We made a run to CompUSA to get a new harddrive for Skadi (yes, we had a new one, Steve got the old one to boot up after putting it in the freezer overnight, we returned the new one, and the old one is starting to flake again, so we went back to get another new one and yeah), grabbed some dinner downtown, went to the Chinese Gardens (where they had some Osmanthus plants for sale - so I got one! Hurray! And will pick it up tomorrow (we took the MAX downtown, so had no car in which to transport it safely home). HOpefully I can keep it alive. =(

Went to the ballet. It was my first ballet. I *LOVED* it. I mean, seriously love. Love love love love love. Poor Steve. Now, aside from my desire to see Cirque du Soleil whenever we can (we'll miss Delirium, alas, due to the cost of tickets (right now is not good since we just dumped $1100 into the Civic and are planning on doing ~$7000 home improvement work on the kitchen in the next month or two - floor and cupboards and I'm without a job at this very second)), I now have a new obsession with seeing various ballets (Sleeping Beauty in the summer! Hurray!), musicals and orchestral concerts. Well, he did know I was a little different from mainstream rural Iowan when he married me. ;)

Took a long walk this morning after dropping the car off at the Honda service place, went to the farmer's market (it was practically on the way home), got lots of good yummy stuff (including fresh apple cider - don't even get me started - and some delicious peaches), went home. Rested, and walked back to get the car when it was done several hours later (timing belt and stuffs, oil change and O2 sensor thingy and something else. I don't remember. Lots of stuff. $1100 worth of stuff.). Nice, beautiful walk. Have I mentioned I love Portland? The weather was INCREDIBLE today.

I've received information on who to contact in this area to find clarinet instructors, so perhaps I'll be getting reinvolved in music again soon. Hopefully.

Hooked up with a lost former coworker via email and will hopefully have a chance to get together with her coming up.

Will be borrowing Wicked from another friend.

Have working interviews coming up. One on Monday afternoon for just a few hours. One on Tuesday - all day, with my counseling appointment for them smack dab in the middle of it.

Unemployment claim information came back indicating I'm eligible for benefits (Mere inefficiency due to lack of job skills or experience is not misconduct. - reasoning for conclusion), so that's over. Thankfully. Though, this week will be my last week to claim unemployment (trust me, I prefer it that way). Hurray! I'll be working again soon!

Have watched several episodes of Doctor Who tonight. Hurray for geeky friends in Iowa who send Steve back with gifts for me!

And Milka. I've found Milka here. I now have 3 Milka bars. Y estoy muy contentada. Hurray chocolate!

Went to Elephant's Delicatessen tonight for dinner and /yum/. I had a Croque Madamoselle. Ham with gruyere and hard boiled egg on freshly-made wheat. Oh /wow/ was it ever good. Hurray good sandwich!